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Ninth Tulku Ogyen Rinpoche Tibetan Sacred Incantations, 7 CD Set
Barcode: 2578
Unit: set
Weight: 0.00 g
Price: $80.00

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Product Details:

CD collection was nominated for the Best Religious Music Award for 2012 in Taiwan.

Tibetan Sacred Incantations by Ninth Tulku Ogyen Rinpoche contains: The Six Syllable Mantra, Guru Rinpoche Mantra, Kurukulle Mantra, Guru Prayer Sur Smoke Offering, Guru Prayer and The Vajra Seven-Line Prayer, The Vajra Seven-Line Prayer Sur Smoke Offering, and Tibetan Sacred Incantations.

CD1 - Tibetan Sacred Incantations
CD2 - The Six Syllable Mantra
CD3 - Guru Rinpoche Mantra
CD4 - Kurukulle Mantra
CD5 - Guru Prayer Sur Smoke Offering
CD6 - Guru Prayer and The Vajra Seven-Line Prayer
CD7 - The Vajra Seven-Line Prayer Sur Smoke Offering

Contents on CD1:
1) Guru Prayer (7'48")
2) Kurukulle Mantra (6'46")
3) The Vajra Seven-Line Prayer (8'49")
4) Guru Rimpoche Mantra (8'20")
5) Sur Smoke Offering (13'56")
6) The Six Syllable Mantra (8'12")


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